Back pain relief with CBD and Marijuana

According to MedlinePlus, according to the American College of Physicians, approximately eight of ten people experience back pain, also known as lumbago, at least once in their lifetime. If the pain in your back appears suddenly and lasts for days or weeks, it is considered acute discomfort. On the other hand, if the discomfort persists for more than three months it is considered chronic discomfort. There is evidence that medical cannabis is helpful in treating both types of back discomfort. 

Symptoms of Back Pain

Muscle soreness is one of the most common symptoms of back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. Shooting agony and discomfort that gets worse when bending and lifting are other indicators. Back discomfort can indicate a more severe condition if bowel obstruction and a fever are present.

Low back pain can be caused by a variety of health problems, including congenital, degenerative, and non-spinal conditions, such as fibromyalgia and kidney stones, according to the National Institute of Health. In order to treat back discomfort, both conventional and alternative methods are used.

THC and CBD for Back Pain

There has been indisputable proof that medical cannabis can relieve lower back pain, according to a study published in the International Journal of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine in 2016. It was found that up to 46 patients with chronic lower back pain who had been prescribed at least two narcotic drugs and had not found relief were included in the study. Patients with chronic low back pain were given 20 grams of cannabis per month for four days each month for a year, and they reported that the plant smoke had a positive impact on their physical and mental performance while decreasing their pain levels.

According to a report from Wellness Media, in 2019 the lower back was increasingly added to illnesses in many states that legalized medical cannabis. They claim that Marinol, a federally authorized synthetic cannabis medicine, helps AIDS and cancer patients who suffer from nausea and vomiting. While Marinol is classified as a Schedule III substance, the actual plant containing real THC properties is designated a Schedule 1 drug, making it unlawful.

University of Colorado researchers have begun a three-year study to compare the effects of cannabis compared to oxycodone on back pain sufferers. According to the study’s summary, Dr. Emily Lindley states that previous research provides enough proof that THC and CBD can help relieve lower back pain, with the results being better than expected.

According to a 2012 poll of 184 spine patients, over one in five reported using marijuana to treat their suffering. Of those who used it, 85% said cannabis gave them good pain relief, and 77 percent said it was as effective or better than opioid medications. Many people are afflicted with the illness and searching for long-term pain alleviation with medical marijuana.

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