The Use of Cannabis for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a group of progressive lung diseases characterized by abnormal inflation. When the lungs are inflamed, the airways and sacs will be deflated. resulting in less elasticity and mucus that obstructs flow, making it difficult to breathe. According to MedlinePlus, the National Library of Medicine’s journal.

COPD can be classified into two main types: the first type is Emphysema and the second type is chronic bronchitis. Both of these types will result in weight loss, weakness, and edema. In addition to the benefits of breathing medical marijuana, cannabis might also help with pain reduction and anti-inflammatory properties. The news said It has been reported that it has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, insomnia-relieving, immune-enhancing, and mucus-lowering properties. 

COPD and Its Implications

The journal Medical News Today cited a study published in Nature 2016 which summarized the findings of 19 studies on COPD and cannabis and forced vital capacity (FVC), or the force and speed with which you exhale after you breathe in. The study found that when medical cannabis is taken, it improves FVC in patients with COPD while reducing FVC in patients with COPD.

Several factors can contribute to a smoker’s health, including smoking, occupational factors, including exposure to hazardous chemicals for a long time, genetics and age. Among the many COPD treatments are frequent coughing, wheezing, heavy mucus, and shortness of breath, tightening of the chest. It is important to note that corticosteroids, as well as other medications, are not only used to treat the symptoms of arthritis

THC and CBD Effects on COPD

This is according to a journal, Nature 2016, that reviewed the results of 19 studies on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cannabis, and forced vital capacity (FVC), or force of exhaling after inhalation. Patients with COPD have been shown to experience an increase in FVC when they consume medical cannabis. Medical cannabis was also found to increase the FVC while reducing the FVC when taken by COPD patients.

According to the Lung Institute, Marijuana has properties that kill microbes. and its ability to function as an expectorant, ease discomfort, reduce mucus, and improve sleep habits, making it a viable option for patients with COPD. As well as medical marijuana, other methods of consumption are also covered that are suitable for those with COPD. The two most popular non-invasive methods for administering medicine are by vaping or by ingesting cannabis or CBD in edibles.

There have been many studies that have shown that cannabis can be used to help with pain and inflammation associated with a range of diseases, as well as discomfort. There are approximately 60 conditions for which medical cannabis may still be used to treat as of today; this list is continually expanding. COPD is one of them.

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