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Medical Cannabis and Giardia Infection

Giardia infection is a parasitic illness that causes diarrheal symptoms after consuming contaminated fecal material found in water, sold, or food. It is also known as giardiasis. The condition affects people as well as companion animals.

Giardia is a parasite that people get from tainted water, such as rivers, wells, and pools, and other water sources. It is possible to get giardia from eating food that has germs. These germs can be found in food that is not pasteurized. According to reports, the only way to get it is by swallowing rather than blood contact.

Live Science reported in 2019 that an Australian research scientist, Dr. Mark Blaskovich, Ph.D., was working on a project in Brisbane that could help fight superbugs. He said that CBD and medical marijuana could help. In the same way that prescription daptomycin and antibiotics vancomycin tried to kill the specific strain of Staph and Strep bacteria, synthetic CBD did just as well, as well as “against strains of Staph as well as Strep microbes that had become resistant to the antibiotics and daptomycin,” says the study’s author.   

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of Giardia Infection

Giardia is another name for beaver fever, a condition that people get when they camp in contaminated water or eat infested food. Diaper-aged youngsters in daycare are at risk of contracting the illness, according to the CDC. Sampling feces to determine whether germs are present is how giardia sickness is diagnosed.

Up to two-thirds of sufferers are unaware that they have the condition, according to Harvard Medical School. Symptoms will appear 1-3 weeks after exposure, and it will progress gradually.

The following symptoms indicate that you’re having an issue with your stomach: Weight loss, nausea with no vomiting, Watery diarrhea, bloating, and low fever are all examples of unpleasant signs. Alinia, Flagyl and Tindamax,  are three main medicines used to treat the condition; however, medical cannabis may help reduce the number of symptoms, shorten the length of illness and ease recovery in some patients.

Giardia Infection Treatment with Cannabinoids

Australian scientist Blaskovich discovered that CBD has antibiotic properties against a variety of so-called Gram-positive bacteria, including staph and strep germs as well as strains that had become resistant to other antibiotic therapies. Dr. Blaskovich will continue to conduct research in order to connect types of diseases CBD may help cure.

According to the information from studies demonstrating that medical marijuana helps with digestive issues (disorders), there’s more evidence for how and why it can cure giardia. Certainly, further study and clinical trials will verify whether cannabis has medicinal effects that can treat giardia as well as other severe diarrhea symptoms.

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