Missouri Dispensaries Are Still Closed?

Missouri legalized medical marijuana a year ago, and vegetation began to flourish. It was tremendous news for the hundreds of thousands of cardholders and caregivers who had been waiting years to purchase their medicine lawfully from dispensaries.

No cannabis dispensaries have opened in 22 months. Some CBD businesses have obtained licenses for medical marijuana and are biding their time. Dispensary owners are furious, and patients are frustrated as well, believing that obtaining medical marijuana is an impossible mission. Patients’ suffering has been unjustified by the delay.

The opening of dispensaries in Missouri has been delayed owing to problems with the Covid-19 system. But is it the case that Covid-19 is to blame for the slow start of dispensaries, as opposed to other states continuing smoothly?

Residents have asked Missouri cannabis regulators a variety of questions. The people of Missouri opted to legalize medical marijuana in a 2018 referendum. With 65 percent voter approval, the constitutional amendment passed. Medical marijuana is desired in Missouri. Medical marijuana doctors, Patients and dispensary operators are fed up with the waiting game.

Changing Attitudes

The views on marijuana in Missouri have changed considerably. They’ve evolved to the point that many government officials were shocked by how much they’d altered.

After only 19 months, the state lawmakers passed a proposed amendment to the amendment, and it took them merely nineteen months to do so. But on medical cannabis? There is no established dispensary open for business, 22 months after the citizens voted in favor of the constitutional amendment.

As medical marijuana becomes more accepted as a treatment option, many people are looking for information on how to access it. The state is unwilling to postpone tax payments even during the difficult economic circumstances of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the state is prepared to wait until medical marijuana dispensaries are established. This will allow patients to have easier access to medical marijuana doctors in Missouri and receive the treatments they need.

In September, it’s expected that the state of Missouri will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to begin operations. Patients are optimistic. Dispensaries are apprehensive that the opening date may be delayed once more.

Medical marijuana is very cautious in Missouri: It does not want recreational marijuana

The delay was attributed to resistance from Missouri elected officials, according to authorities. It is clear that some people are apprehensive about marijuana legalization and worry that medical cannabis might be a Trojan horse for full recreational legalization.

It appears that medical marijuana became caught in the tall grasses of bureaucracy. Some politicians were in favor of it, while others were vehemently opposed, despite the state’s ballot measure. Meanwhile, medical cannabis businesses with licenses have been stuck in an expensive holding pattern as they wait for the “market to open” in Missouri.

Dispensaries Provide Easy Access To Medical Marijuana

Missouri was already dealing with a daunting regulatory challenge before the pandemic: establishing a new business that provokes opposition among conservative citizens and politicians. The majority of people have lost faith in the government’s capacity to embrace and regulate the cannabis sector daily.

Although all the officials in Missouri may not support medical cannabis, citizens voted for it. Other states are rapidly developing medical marijuana industries, distribution, ancillary businesses, and including cultivation. When states are struggling with rising healthcare expenditures due to Covid-19, additional tax revenue from the cannabis sector can’t come at a better time.


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