Using medical marijuana to treat HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is considered a qualifying condition in the state of New York for the purpose of issuing the recommendation for medical marijuana. This means if you have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, a certified New York medical marijuana doctor can prescribe medical marijuana. It can help you feel better and fight the virus. Here in this article, we are going to discuss what HIV/AIDS is and how we can use medical marijuana to treat HIV/AIDS that can offer natural relief.

Describing HIV/AIDS in simple terms

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is a virus that attaches to important cells in the body called T cells. These T cells help the body fight off infections. HIV can spread in the body if those cells are there. Use those cells to spread HIV by replicating itself.

When someone has HIV, they have high virus counts. They may not feel sick at all, but they might feel like they have the flu. The second phase of the infection is called “clinical latency”. This means that there are no symptoms, but the virus may still be inside you. In this phase, the person does not have HIV. They might not have any symptoms that show they are infected. This stage lasts for a long time, maybe 10 years or even more. At the end of the phase, HIV starts reproducing rapidly again. The T cells start to drop because the virus is killing them. This is called AIDS. The immune system of people with AIDS is compromised, which makes them sicker. Some of these people might end up catching a cold or catching another kind of illness that would normally not be able to affect them.

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In what ways can medical marijuana benefit those with HIV/AIDS?

There are many effects of the endocannabinoid system on the body, including effects upon the immune system. Because the immune system is important to HIV patients, it makes sense that cannabis could help them by enhancing their immune systems. Marijuana has been shown to affect specific cells that fight disease. It also helps people with auto-immune diseases.

However, there is not a lot of scientific research that says medical marijuana can be used to treat HIV/AIDS. Using statistics from a study done in New York, it has been found that no statistically significant difference exists in the virus levels attained by those who consume marijuana and those who do not. The study does not look at how much marijuana someone has consumed. This may affect the results. Another study was done in Los Angeles that showed that viral numbers had dropped by a significant margin. Clearly, there is a need for more research into this subject as the mechanism involved has yet to be determined.

It has been found that medical marijuana is most often used for HIV/AIDS patients as a way to reduce the symptoms of the disease. In the past three months, 24% of people with HIV have used marijuana. These figures are more than five times higher than the national average. There are a few side effects associated with HIV/AIDS. Sometimes these are things, such as a lack of desire to eat or a lack of sleep. In most cases, these users are looking for help with these side effects.

Many people use marijuana to help them sleep. But it is important to know the risks of using it as a sleep aid. People who use this drug might need it to fall asleep. People can’t sleep when they don’t use the drug. A recent study has also found that for people with HIV, cannabis might make sleep worse. The study has said that there isn’t enough research on how cannabis affects the sleep of people with HIV. So they need to do more studies on this topic.

AIDS can also cause the person to lose weight. They might lose over 10% of their body weight because of AIDS. Medical marijuana has been shown to be useful for people with HIV/AIDS. Medical marijuana can help people who have wasting syndrome. There is no doubt that smoking medical marijuana will make people gain weight and cause them to eat more than they normally would.


Medical marijuana may help those who have HIV/AIDS. It can’t cure the virus, but it does help them feel better. People need to be sure they are getting the right treatment for HIV/AIDS. This means that before anyone starts a new drug or tries something different, they should speak with a Certified Doctor who knows better about this disease. Click here to learn more about contacting our New York medical marijuana doctors.


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