How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

You may be surprised to learn that so many medical marijuana programs in the US have only been in operation for a little over a year. For the most part, cannabis cards must be renewed every year, with some states allowing a generous 24-month renewal period.

In the fall of 2020, the renewal period will begin for some states. In 2019, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) issued its first Patient Licenses. It certified 178.173 patients in its first year. Consequently, Oklahomans who have their OMMA ID cards expire in the next year or two will be reapplying for their licenses.

Ensure that you don’t lose your medical marijuana card. In Oklahoma, renewing your card is not difficult. In addition, many medical marijuana practitioners can assist you in completing your examination.

Can I Renew My Oklahoma Cannabis Card at a Dispensary?

In 2019, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority began allowing patients to visit a dispensary to see a doctor as part of the program. For Oklahoma residents who were eligible, this was part of the original “patient drive” to ensure that they received their cards as quickly as possible.

There was a bill called the Unity Bill (H.B. 2612) that was passed by the Oklahoma legislature in March 2019 and took effect in August. Certain legal safeguards for patients were clarified by the bill, but an important change was also made. There is a conflict of interest for physicians to be associated with or suggest patients to a drug store because they cannot provide such a medical marijuana health assessment inside one.

The Unity Bill has allowed more physicians to evaluate patients for medical marijuana cards. This includes medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, and podiatrists. These professionals are qualified to perform the required health examination in order to determine if medical marijuana is the best treatment for a patient’s condition.

MMJ card health evaluations can be performed by any doctor who has the proper credentials in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, on the other hand, requires them to be registered (OMMA). It’s now possible to get a short-term license for adults or minors (caregivers).

Is Medical Marijuana ID Card Renewal?

In Oklahoma, patients can now apply for a temporary medical marijuana card. A short-term MMJ card may be approved by your doctor if your ailments or wellness conditions are not long-term or chronic. OMMA’s short-term ID card costs $100, just like the annual card.

Is there a way to save money on my renewal fee for my Oklahoma marijuana card?

The renewal fee for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is reduced to $20 for veterans with such a 100% disability rating. Your health evaluation and replacement cards are not included in this fee, which you will pay to OMMA when you register for OMMA’s services.

Those on the SoonerCare or Medicare programs are also eligible for a discount on an Oklahoma marijuana card. In addition, the entry fee is $20. Patients who are not eligible for a discounted rate must register each year for $100.

In contrast to other regions, Oklahoma allows patients to implement a medical card regardless of their health condition. It is up to the doctor to decide, based on the patient’s symptoms and diagnosis.

Is it possible to have medicinal cannabis delivered to my house, in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Authority has not yet legalized the delivery of medical cannabis to Oklahoma patients, as of this posting. Although patients who live far from a licensed dispensary or who cannot start driving to one have another option, they can still access medical marijuana. Using OMMA, you can designate a family member to be a caregiver. It is possible for that person to buy medicinal cannabis on your behalf.

What are the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Taxes?

Oklahoma has not yet legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Smokable flowers, edibles, tinctures, vape cartridges, and concentrates are all subject to a 7% tax when used for medical purposes in the United States.

Renewing Your Oklahoma Marijuana Card: Simple Steps to Follow

Renewing your Oklahoma Medicinal Cannabis ID card and paying the yearly fee is required if your card is about to expire. Step-by-step instructions are provided in this video by OMMA. Renew Oklahoma’s medicinal cannabis cards 30 days prior to their expiration date.

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